romantic simple wish to step out and put your nose in the sunday mornig
rising wind beeing the pimple on the buildings eelslippery face

the 2 by 4s do not fit into the freight elevator. carring those huge
toothpicks around the lobby trying to squeeze them into one of the big
ones, that goes up to skylobby on 78. floor.
cutting into halfs, talking to elevatorguys about, yes yes we need lots of
wood, makes one happy up there.
next day comes the backup window, in case we brake the one and only. would
look funny, breaking the glass, how could you ever explain?

testruns at midnight and later. premiere opening of the sesame makes your
heart jump crazy. loud and noisy wind whistles through the first little
gap. people have warned us of the difference in pressure, because beeing so
high up. a local urban myth, but winds do stream up and down the buildings
face and suck from the room as soon as open.
imagine confetti flying in a big bright cloud beeing sucked out and blown
all over the city. looking down, leaning your goggle eyes out for first
contact with nonfiltered air. cold and happy shivers down your back

everything ready, waiting for luvvys lawer only to tell us: do not do it
more testruns make us horny and impatient.

weatherforecast promises pink sunrise
hotel and chopper booked
late night, riding up to 91
sitting by the window, watching friends across in juniorsuite
flashlight contact established, feel like a glowworm
throwing coins who goes first, fastforwarding bens hotchocolatechicks
tapes, half hour naps
slipping into paranoias about lawers little list of things to have on you
when getting caught...remember chocolate bars, 25 cent coins, a blow-up
pillow? pen and paper, telephone, a book, chewing gum, earplugs,...would
not even know where to put all that
masturbating to calm down.
dawn, window goes, telephone rings, chopper is late
sun rises, B slides outside, coincontestwinner steps first
all bodyhair is up absorbing virgin glory morning, air drifts up the
buildings surface, feeling bees and rabbits down the belly. makes one again
belive in first sight love, sunrays in your face looking up, only ten
missing floors to the top, lets you freak of pure beauty while having this
blackholevision, imaging to never ever be again out there and never ever
feel the bees.
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