Metthew Higgs is a British artist, curator, writer and publisher, currently based in New York, born in West Yorkshire in 1964

Matthew Higgs
Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book [After Kosuth]
50 Seiten, 21 x 14.5 cm.
edition size 250
Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, New York, 2009
Artist's book published in conjunction with show held April 4 - May 20, 2009. "The central orienting point for the show is an installation of books entitled 'Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book [After Kosuth]'. This is a re-staging of a little known work by Joseph Kosuth from 1967 in which Kosuth took books chosen by Carl Andre, Robert Morris, Sol Lewitt and others and presented them as an installation in the Lannis Gallery. By re-staging this pioneering piece of conceptual art (this time using books chosen by Wade Guyton, Adam McEwen, Richard Prince and others) Higgs is both calling attention to an overlooked piece of art history, and using it to signal toward the conceptual underpinnings of his own work. 'Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book [After Kosuth]' is a work of art but also an act of curation. It has not been made in the usual sense and so it blurs the line between the creative work of an artist and that of a curator. And, as a work after Kosuth, it makes no claim of originality but relies instead on an appropriated idea."--publisher's statement.