M. M. Lum
The final results of psychoanalytic treatment
128pp, 18x11cm, pbk., NewYork, 1991
Mary Lum
Hornell, NY: Mary Lum. 1991

The Final Results... is a book about reading. Starting with an old psychoanalytic essay, Lum comments on and interupts the text, with selections from other written forms (comic book, trashy novels, a hunting manual). Her use of various typefaces and sizes, along with handwritten passages, Cyrilic letters, Chinese characters, and missing or highlighted areas, renders the text visual and textural as well as literary. The book itself is designed after another form of writing, the 1950's pulp novel, complete with red-stained edges and back-of-the-book-advertisements. The project suggests that the act of reading even the most straightforward narrative is a nonlinear process. According to the artist, "When we read, we are always thinking of other things, no matter how subliminal or transparent."