Tracks: a journal of artists writings (zwischen 1974 und 1977 erschienen)
Vol. 1, No. 3 (Fall 1975)
83 pp. 22.8 x 15 cm.
Herbert George, William Tucker, Barbara Kruger, Ad Reinhardt, Elyssa Rundle, Peter Plagens, Eugene Kayser, Richard Kostelanetz, Robert De Niro, A. M. Fine, Oyvind Fahlstrom, Lucio Pozzi
Issue edited by Herbert George. Essays "Space Illusion Sculpture," by William Tucker; "The Battle - For Ross (Poem)," by Barbara Kruger; "Fate (Poem)," by Barbara Kruger; "Postcards," by Ad Reinhardt; "Biopsy Report (Poem)," by Elyssa Rundle; "Subway Orbit" by Peter Plagens; "Apologia (Poem)," by Eugene Kayser; "Constuctivist Fiction," by Richard Kostelanetz; "Corot, Verlaine and Greta Garbo, or The Melancholy Syndrome (March, 1975)," by Robert De Niro; "Chamber Music (Poem)," by A.M. Fine; "The Black Room, A Theatre Play - Scene 16," by Oyvind Fahlstrom; "Instruction Manual," by Lucio Pozzi. Cover: Oyvind Fahlstrom.
Vol. 2, No. 1 (Winter 1976)
75 pp. 22.8 x 15 cm.
Herbert George, Claes Oldenburg, Tony Robbin, Herman Cherry, Barnett Newman, Opal L. Nations, Jean Dupuy, Gino Severini, Rosemary Mayer, Oyvind Fahlstrom
Issue edited by Herbert George. Essays "The Double-Nose / Purse / Punching Bag / Ashtray," by Claes Oldenburg; "Visual Paradox and Four-Dimensional Geometry," by Tony Robbin; "Show Biz," by Herman Cherry; "O, Velvetius!" by Herman Cherry; "A Manifesto for the Mayoral Election-" by Barnett Newman; "New York City, 1933," by Barnett Newman; "A Sandwich of Ants Between Two Words," by Opal L. Nations; "Untitled," by Jean Dupuy, "My Connections With Futurism," by Gino Severini; "First Passages From a Text in Progress," by Rosemary Mayer; "The Black Room, a theatre play - Scene 18," by Oyvind Fahlstrom. Includes contributor's biographies. Cover: Claes Oldenburg.
Vol. 2, No. 3 (Fall 1976)
91 pp. 22.8 x 15 cm.
Herbert George, Frank Moore, Michael Robbins, Tony Rickaby, Rosemary Mayer, Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Robert Morris, Carl Andre, Harriet Shorr, Rackstraw Downes, Steven Low, Mario Pedrosa
Issue edited by Herbert George. Essays "Excerpts from a Journal," by Frank Moore; "The Pontiac Streak," by Michael Robbins; "Art Delinquency Notes," by Tony Rickaby; "Passages," by Rosemary Mayer; "Chicago," by Barbara Kruger; "She Makes The Wrong Choices," by Barbara Kruger; "Eleven Conversations," by Richard Prince; "Cold Oracle," by Robert Morris; "Billy Builder, or The Painfull Machine," by Carl Andre; "Dancing With Grandin," by Harriet Shorr; "Post-Modernist Painting," by Rackstraw Downes; "PICKUP and How To Get or Keep a Job," by Steven Low; "Manifesto on Behalf of the Toupiniquins or Nambas," by Mario Pedrosa. Includes contributor's biographies. Cover : Michael Robbins.