Hermann Zschiegner,

Hermann Zschiegner
Thirtyfour Parking Lots,
on Google Earth
Softcover, 10 x 8 inches, 50 pages
blurb.com, 2006

Hermann Zschiegner
This book should ideally be placed
next to Jonathan Monk's Cover Version.

78 Seiten, 24,5 x 19 cm
Lulu Edition, May 2007

Hermann Zschiegner
+walker evans+sherrie levine
60 Seiten, 25 x 20 cm
blurb.com, 2008

Hermann Zschiegner
Corporate Identities
32 Seiten, 22,8 x 15,3 cm
blurb.com, 2011 Preview

Various Small Books:
Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha
Edited by Jeff Brouws, Wendy Burton and Hermann Zschiegner
288 Seiten, 23,5 x 16 cm
MIT Press, London, 2013